Vintage Illustrations of Women

From a pensive lady at her writing table to a joyous woman on ice skates, there is a lot of variety to be found here among the vintage illustrations of women I have shared. Like so many of the categories here on Free Vintage Art, we are clearly only getting started in building a wonderful vintage image resource for you. While I hope you can find exactly what you need here, you might want to also visit my other site, Reusable Art to find even more wonderful public domain drawings of women.

The different between this site and my other one is the copyright and the overall age of the sites. All of the drawings here, as best as I can tell, are copyright free under American copyright law. The drawings on Reusable Art are copyright free and in the public domain based on the more restrictive Berne Convention Standard.

I’m confident that between both sites you will find the perfect vintage illustration of a woman for your project.


There was little written about the wife of Joseph but most seem to believe Asenath was a very beautiful woman. This drawing depicts her beauty and wealth.

Skating Image

Fun, vintage skating image advertising road skates as a more pleasurable alternative to slipping and falling on ice skates

Daisy Chains with Mom

A charming vintage postcard of a mother and daughter making chains with loose daisy flowers. Your’s to print, download and use in your own creative projects.

Vintage Wallpaper Ladies

This illustration of vintage wallpaper ladies comes from a 1917 wallpaper catalog – what a fun and bright and bold image to sell wallpaper.

Making Gingerbread Men

Charming vintage drawing of a rosy-cheeked lady making gingerbread men with her two pets – a little dog and a cat. Perhaps both are waiting for a taste.

The Chase

Charming set of public domain silhouettes of a granny, armed with a rolling pin and spoon, chasing a fleeing little boy, dog and cat.

Lady in Red

Wonderfully colorful vintage postcard of a lady in red with black hair walking in a formal garden with her black poodle who is wearing a rib ribbon too.

The Fortune Teller

Two works named The Fortune Teller drawn by Archie Gunn and appeared in the book Stage Lyrics by Harry B. Smith which was published in 1900.

Lady with Collie Drawing

Vintage fashion drawing of a lady and her collie dog. It is unclear who the artist is but evidence suggests this postcard is in the public domain.

Modern Woman of 1927

This wonderful piece of vintage advertising art hoped to establish the difference between a modern woman of 1927 and the woman of just a few years before.

Lady Writer

Vintage advertising image depicting a professional lady writer. It would make a great addition to a piece about writing or blogging.

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