asenathAsenath is a bit of a mystery. She is mentioned in the Bible as the wife of Josef (think Technicolor Dreamcoat and advisor to Pharaoh) but not much else has been written about her. Edmund Dulac gives us a romantic story that borders on love at first sight for the pair. But, based on what I’ve seen, his story is mostly conjecture.

But, this beautiful drawing meant to represent Asenath is truly a sight. I wish it was in better condition but I didn’t want to mess with it too much and risk making it harder for you to use. The beige background is more mottled and discolored than the original drawing probably was but this drawing was too pretty to pass up and not share with you.

Asenath was from a wealthy family as her wardrobe and accessories would indicate. She is wearing what looks like a fairly intricate headdress which may have been gold. She is wearing a golden armlet and bracelets too. Her veil is long and flowing with white dots on an almost sheer fabric – just the fabric was probably quite expensive at that time. She’s also wearing a long scarf that falls to her knees. She looks to me to be a bit more Asian than Egyptian or Hebrew but the beauty of her face is somewhat universal. Somewhat in contrast to the wealth depicted by her attire, she is holding a single white chrysanthemum bloom.

I don’t have an artist or exact publication date to share but I can tell you that the book in which this drawing appeared was identified as being in the public domain. The author lived until 1953 so while this this drawing of Asenath is in the public domain in the United States, it may not be in other countries.

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