Fancy Letter & Drop Cap Images

I thought that I would set up the Fancy Letters and Drop Cap Images section of FreeVintageArt.com a bit differently than the one over on my other site, ReusableArt.com. On that site, each letter image is highly documented and given a post of its own. On this site, I thought it might be easier for everyone to create one large, on-going post for each letter of the alphabet where all of the vintage illustrations of that letter appear together.

Quite often, these wonderfully vintage letter images were created by print foundries. Those firms then sold them for publishers to use in their publications. It's a bit random as to what I find but when I find what are obviously letters from the same set, I will provide the links between the letters to make them easier to find.

All of the fancy letter images that I've shared with you should be in the public domain in the United States. As this site gets older, more and more of the images here will be in the public domain everywhere. I will leave it up to you to ensure that any public use of these letter images is allowable where you live, if you are outside of the United States.

Please bear with me as I am working on building up this category and some of the letters only have a few illustrations.

Simply click on the letter you are interested in to be shown all of the fancy letter images depicting that character.

letter a letter b drop cap c drop cap c
e f ornamental g ornamental h
i drawing j drawing k drawing l drawing
m image n image o image p image
illuminated q illuminated r illuminated s illuminated t
illustrated u letter v drop cap w drop cap x
fancy letter y fancy letter z frame-1