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Image Copyrights

Every attempt has been made to ensure that the images shared on FreeVintageArt.com are copyright free in the United States. We have some unique laws with regard to copyright which may mean that some images presented here are still under copyright protection outside of the United States.

Copyright free should mean free

Unlike some other vintage image sites, we are not going to charge for the use of our images because we may have edited them a bit or include an intrusive watermark. There are a number of sites, including museums, who are attempting to transfer the copyrights of vintage images in their possession to themselves by selling usage rights. That is not the spirit of copyright law nor does it follow actual copyright law in this country.

Why are some of our free images “watermarked”?

On a number of our images you might find a small notice along the bottom. These notices are simply a bit of advertising on our part. It is our hope that you will share our site with others when you use an image you found here. The notice is not meant to claim ownership nor is it meant to imply we somehow hold the copyright of the image. It’s just there as a reminder to help folks find us.

Images with our notice have not been trimmed or otherwise altered – it is the entire image as it was scanned from the original. We added a bit of white border along the bottom edge. This border can easily be removed with even the most basic of image editors.

Using images and other content found on FreeVintageArt.com

You are encouraged to use the vintage images you find on our site however you wish except to create a duplicate of our site. We do humbly ask that when possible you mention our site as the source of the images.

Copyright law does protect all of the text which appears on FreeVintageArt.com and we do require that anyone wishing to republish our words ask to do so, in writing. Copyright law also protects this site and our collection of images as a whole.