The Chase


Isn’t this a fun little set of silhouettes? I found them in a children’s book from 1910. The illustrations were done by the artist Robert Gaston Herbert (1873 – 1954). Much of his work remains under copyright but under US copyright law since this work was published prior to 1923 it is in the public domain.

A granny chases after a child, a cat and a dog wielding a rolling pin and a soup ladle. She looks so intent upon the chase that her hair is escaping from her bun and her slippers may fly off her feet at any moment. In their desire to get away, the cat slightly outruns the dog who appears to be chasing the cat as opposed to also be fleeing the outraged granny. The boy seems to be the slowest of the three. Perhaps the two animals and child had worked together to steal a tasty tidbit from her kitchen? Change the order of the images and you could have the granny chasing just the animals or just the boy. Whatever you do, have fun with it.

Use all four silhouettes or just one. Enjoy.

I would love to see what you do with these fun group of silhouettes of a granny, boy, cat and dog.

p.s. Here’s a few more silhouettes from this book related to the chase with granny, the boy and the dog and cat.



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