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skating imageThe storm wasn’t supposed to start until tonight. The local radio station keeps talking about a storm that will hit tonight and tomorrow morning. And yet, here I sit looking out my window as big fluffy flakes float down from the sky. The ground is still too warm for it to stick but I have little doubt as the temperature falls things are going to get slick and nasty out there.

Getting slick got me to thinking about ice skating and skating images. Of course, watching the Olympics also gives me plenty of ice skating to enjoy.

So, I thought why not find an ice skating image to share with you today. This advertising image seemed to fit the bill perfectly and add a bit of humor to things as well.

Richard Choubersky was a famous Parisian inventor. The road skates being used by the pretty lady in the red dress were one of his many inventions. Until finding this wonderful site about vintage bicycles with an article about Choubersky and his inventions, 1896 Patin Bicyclette Road Skates, I had no idea that inline skates were actually first invented in 1819. And, that the first roller skates were all inline skates. It wasn’t until 1863 that the first quad-wheeled roller skates were invented.

I like this poster for the humor aspect. A stiff and proper gentleman lays sprawled upon the ice with his feet, still strapped to a pair of ice skates, up in the air. Meanwhile, a pretty lady in a bright red coat, with a black muff and scarf and a stylish hat glides by on her road skates. How fun?!

The poster dates to the late 1800s. It is the work of  Jean de Paleologu (1855 – 24 November 1942). He was a Romanian poster artist who typically signed his work “Pal”. He made a number of advertising posters for cycling companies, performers and entertainment productions.

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