Animal Images

From creepy crawlies to furry cuties, this group of vintage art images is full of the wonderful creatures that share the earth with us.

Along with flowers, I’ve come to believe that animal drawings are the most commonly found among vintage books, magazines and other printed materials. Animals can be both charming and fierce, yet always seem to remain fascinating.

Our collection of public domain animal images is growing by leaps and bounds. We have a few more insect, cat and dog images right now than other animals but I know from running Reusable Art that those are some of the most highly sought after animal images. This is the largest category of free vintage images on our site so far and I expect that trend to only continue.

I look forward to sharing more great vintage animal drawings with you and can’t wait to see what you create with them. Please do let me know what you’ve created and I might showcase it on one of my sites for everyone to enjoy and ooh and aaah over.

galloping horse and rider illustration

Galloping Horse and Rider

Vintage pen and ink drawing of a galloping horse and rider from the children’s book illustrator Isabel Watkin. In the public domain in the USA.

children and horses

Children and Horses

Two young children visit a pair of horses in their stalls in this vintage children’s book illustration by Isabel Watkin. The little boy looks cute in his sailor suit and the girl looks charming in her beret. Watching over the children and horses is a seated black cat. Isabel drew the pen and ink illustrations […]

Vintage book illustration of horse with chickens and a rooster.

Horse & Chickens Book Illustration

Vintage horse and chickens book illustration from circa 1905. Public domain in the USA and free to download.

vintage pen and ink donkey drawing

Donkey Drawing

Vintage pen and ink donkey drawing from the early 1900s. Copyright free in the USA.

Otter Print

Vintage otter print from a children’s book. Nicely colorized with rocks, yellow flowers, cattails, trees and a rushing stream.

Squirrel Drawing

Charming vintage squirrel drawing by Bruce Horsfall. Little Mitchell is a bit famous for a squirrel, his adoptive mother wrote a book about his story.

Coyote Drawing

Vintage coyote drawing from a government pamphlet. Drawn with vertical lines, it has an interesting look that might add something different to your art.

Diamondback Terrapin Drawing

Diamondback terrapin drawing from an unlikely artist. Wonderful black and white sketch from 1831 of a turtle found on the eastern shoreline of the USA.

House Fly Drawing

Vintage house fly drawing from a book about New Zealand pests that dates back to the early 1900s. Several online sources identify the book as public domain in the USA.

Colorful Spider Drawing

This colorful spider drawing is part of a turn of the century advertising piece for a thread company. How fun, a spider web to promote thread. I love it.

Ichneumon Fly Drawing

Vintage ichneumon fly drawing for downloading and/or printing to use with your own creative projects. This large parasitoid wasp looks downright sinister.

Deer Drawing

Interesting deer drawing by an artist more known for his sporting images that often poke fun at participating in hunts. A quiet piece with Oriental styling.

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