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It’s only been a few days since I began adding free vintage bird drawings to Free Vintage Art. It seems many of the mixed media artists are incorporating bird and insect images into their pieces. I hope to make this category become one of your “go to” places for finding public domain bird drawings.

Everything here is copyright free and in the public domain in the United States.


Baltimore Orioles

Public domain drawing of a pair of Baltimore Orioles and their nest from an American government publication.

sea gull nest

Sea Gulls and Nest

Vintage children’s book illustration of a pair of sea gulls and nest. Another bird flies past the nest as the father bird hollers at the coming storm clouds.

winter birds of England

Winter Birds of England

A children’s book illustration of winter birds of England. So many different kinds of birds visiting a backyard feeding station.



Vintage, black and white drawing of a pair of bullfinches on a branch with berries. From a children’s natural history story book.


Drawing of Seagulls

Seagull trio rescued from a 1958 travel brochure by the National Park Service. This drawing of seagulls will add some beachy goodness to your next project.


Chamba Moonal Pheasant

Beautiful, full-color book plate of a Chamba Moonal Pheasant. This bird drawing dates back to at least 1896 and is fully PD in the US.


Swan Pair

Pretty swan pair drawing from a vintage 1899 magazine. Two beautiful white birds glide majestically among white, yellow and orange water lilies.


15 Little Bird Drawings

A collection of 15 little bird drawings from the pages of the first volume of Bird Lore, a magazine by the Audubon Society.


Bird Eggs

A color printed book plate of bird eggs. Nine different bird species and their eggs are represented. Mostly brown-spotted blue eggs one a pinkish color.

Salmon-crested Cockatoo-thumb

Cockatoo Drawing

Beautiful salmon-crested cockatoo drawing from 1832 with a bit of modern flair. The creamy-white colored bird is shown on a black and red background.


Black and White Bird Drawing

Although it’s black and grey in the wild, this northern shrike makes a wonderful black and white bird drawing for your creative projects.


Owl Drawing

Vintage owl drawing from an 1889 magazine article. It’s the first free bird drawing on FreeVintageArt.com for you to download and use in your own crafts.

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