Copyright Free Transportation Images

Copyright transportation images is a category that we hope will soon be full of a virtual journey through the history of transportation. At the moment, we have only two great modes of transportation covered and oddly enough they are more modern ones – a motorcycle and World War I era merchant ships. One’s a pair of examples of great advertising art the other is an example of trying to make things invisible – kinda ironic, don’t you think?

hot air balloon

Hot Air Balloon

National Hot Air Balloon Day – June 5th – the perfect day to share a vintage hot air balloon children’s book illustration from the Victorian era.

Winter Sleigh Ride

A tradecard from 1910 used to sell blankets could easily have been a charming Christmas card. Winter sleigh ride shows a couple traveling at sunset.

Biplane Drawing

Great vintage biplane drawing. Free transportation-related images can be tricky as they are not always out of copyright like this black and white gem is.

Oakman Vehicle Drawing

This Oakman vehicle drawing dates back to 1900. It was a small and lightweight vehicle that was made in Massachusetts.

Renault Voiturette Drawing

Great vintage transportation image featuring a Renault Voiturette Drawing from 1900.

Early Transportation Lithograph

With a 1906 touring car and perhaps the Wright Brother’s famous Bi-plane, this colorful vintage transportation image is one of the best I’ve found.

Excelsior Lightweight Motorcycle

This vintage motorcycle image is of a 1917 era Excelsior Lightweight from the Excelsior Motor Mfg. & Supply Company of Chicago.

Oncoming Train

Vintage oncoming train image. It reminds me of more modern clip-art style images. With only 2 colors, it could easily be modified to your choice of colors.

Vintage Motorcycles

This example of vintage advertising art from the early 20th century includes a pair of motorcycle images. One has been isolated and blown up for personal use.

Dazzle Ship Art

Zen doodles on warships? Check out these fun “American Dazzle” ships, download some free vintage ship images and a ship’s outline to create your own art.

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