Vintage Designs and Patterns

Vintage designs and patterns from a myriad of old books, magazines and other printed materials.

Vintage 1820 wallpaper with blue leaves.

Blue Leaf Wallpaper Border

Lovely vintage 1820 wallpaper with large blue leaves, smaller green leaves and alternating bands of rust and gold. Public domain everywhere.

vintage rose stripes wallpaper

Rose Stripes

Vintage rose stripes wallpaper from an 1918 book about textiles. Vertical black and white stripes are covered with roses and leaves.

floral wallpaper design

Floral Wallpaper

Vintage floral wallpaper design from a book about decorative textiles published in 1918.

Black and White Floral Endpaper

Black and white floral endpaper from a book about bookbinding. Hand-drawn repeated flowers in a trellis-like design.

Shelf Vignette Image

Vintage shelf vignette image that can be used as it was published in 1908 or as a shelf image with a hanging garland or just the button and flowers garland.

Floral Border

Vintage floral border from a 1909 natural history magazine. Public domain in the United States and shared free by FreeVintageArt.com.

Green Faces Endpaper

A strangely haunting background paper, this green faces endpaper is from an 1914 German drama.

Flowers and Trellis Endpaper

Vintage flowers and trellis endpaper from an 1857 German novel. I’ve done a little editing for you. Wouldn’t it make a great scrapbook or card image?

Art Deco Flowers

Pretty art deco flowers create a page spacer image. Found in a 1915 release, you can freely use the entire design or just the Egyptian-style lily flowers.

Pink, Green and Black Chinese Pattern

Pink, green and black Chinese pattern featuring red accents. Great vintage border image. Free to download from FreeVintageArt.com.

Christopher Dresser Design

Vintage art piece from an 1870 book on decorative design. This Christopher Dresser design was the author’s way of depicting power, energy, force and vigor.

American Indian Flowers

Free Vintage Art showcases six American Indian Flowers that were used to decorate baskets. Great for doodles, embroidery or other creative works.

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