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Christmas Greetings

Vintage Christmas card from 1910 or earlier featuring Saint Nicholas carrying a cut Christmas tree. Although this card was sent in America, it has a decidedly European-styled Santa Claus. His hooded cloak is reminiscent of a friar’s robes. And instead of fur trimming, the hood is trimmed with a holly garland. Saint Nicholas is shown […]

Holly Spray

Holly spray is a vintage Christmas image for crafting and card-making. It dates back to at least 1910, putting it in the public domain in the USA.

Going Down The Chimney

Charming vintage Christmas postcard of Santa going down the chimney. For Americans, the 1910 postmark puts it in the public domain.

Santa in holly

Santa in Holly

Santa in Holly is a lovely vintage Christmas postcard. It dates back to at least 1909 when it was sent. Use as is or maybe add your own face.

Santa’s Car

Christmas 1909. Santa’s Car has temporarily replaced his sleigh. Full of presents, a snowy Christmas tree and draped in mistletoe; Santa’s ready to fly.

Victorian Green Santa

Green Santa

Vintage greeting card image from 1910. Victorian-style green Santa watches a little boy through a window decorating a candle-lit Christmas tree.

Thanksgiving in America

Some patriotism for Thanksgiving with this vintage postcard. Thanksgiving in America is so much more than eating turkey, but, it’s a great place to start.

Proud Turkey Drawing

Vintage proud turkey drawing rescued from a Thanksgiving Day card postmarked 1912. Full color illustration of a Tom showing off his plummage.

Beautiful Halloween Witch by John Winsch

Beautiful Halloween Witch by John Winsch. Vintage 1912 postcard featuring a beautiful young women, a fierce black cat, the man in the moon and a jack-o-lantern.

Dancing Witches Post Card

Vintage dancing witches post card for Halloween. Vintage image with witches, owl, bats, black cat and a shining jack-o-lantern.

Magic Halloween

Magic Halloween picture postcard from 1912. Featured a cute poem and a sky full of pumpkins staring at a beautiful women dressed as a harlequin.

A Happy Easter

Have A Happy Easter with this lovely Ellen H. Clapsaddle with two cute children, yellow chicks and white bunnies, a yellow umbrella and a little green wagon.

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