Santa’s Car

It would appear Santa traded in his red sleigh and reindeer for a shiny red and gold automobile. I’m not sure, but the car might be a 1908 Model T. Draped in huge boughs of mistletoe and with a snow-covered tree in the front seat, Santa’s car looks ready for his first delivery. A few gifts have fallen into the snow; hopefully, he knows they’re there. Look carefully and you’ll see Daddy’s gift on the running board – a box of fine Cuban cigars.

Santa is dressed in blue. His coat and hat are trimmed in white fur with black spots. His face is styled a bit like a European Saint Nicholas and the artist gave him ruby red lips which really stand out among his snowy white beard and mustache.

Where Santa is From

The back of the card tells us the card was most likely one of a series; it’s No. 8023. The suggested mailing rate is a one cent stamp. The greeting was dated 1909. It would appear that this card pre-dates 1923 and is therefore in the public domain for Americans.

Santa's Car filled with presents

This vintage Christmas postcard is available in a larger size. Simply click on the image of Santa’s Car shown above to view it.

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