Vintage Easter Images

Easter is one of the holiest of holidays for Christians around the world. The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is one of the most sacred tenets of our faith. It is a time of rebirth and reaffirmation of faith and somehow the fact that it is celebrated in the spring just adds to the overall celebration of the day.

Being a spring holiday, it is usually a day full of images of flowers and brightly colored eggs. Small yellow chicks and Easter bunnies also figure prominently. Easter baskets, chocolate rabbits, candy eggs and cute stuffed animals have become almost more symbolic of the day than anything with religious overtones.

This section of Free Vintage Art will celebrate both the traditional and popular images of Easter. The vintage Easter images category was launched with several vintage post cards from my own collection. In time, the variety of artists and sources will grow and hopefully, you’ll find FreeVintageArt.com your favorite place for Easter drawings.

Easter Chicks Vintage Post Card

Easter Chicks Vintage Postcard

Six little chicks for Easter on this vintage Easter illustration from an antique postcard.

Jesus has Risen vintage postcard

Jesus has Risen

Jesus Has Risen and he is visiting a shepherd and his flock in this vintage Easter Greeting from the early 1900s. Copyright free in the United States.

Easter Greetings from the Easter Bunny vintage postcard

Easter Greetings

A vintage holiday postcard with the Easter Bunny putting the finishing touches on his Easter greeting. There’s jonquils, crocuses and a yellow chick too.

Good Wishes for Easter vintage holiday Clapsaddle postcard

Good Wishes for Easter

Vintage Easter image with a message of Good Wishes for Easter and a box-full of lovely pansies in lavender, purple and yellow.

Jesus with Lambs a vintage Easter illustration and postcard

Jesus with Lambs for Easter

Such a sweet Easter card featuring Jesus with Lambs. The trio are show in a green lush setting sitting under what might be an olive tree.

Easter Egg Train vintage Easter Postcard

Easter Egg Train

Colorful vintage Easter postcard featuring an Easter egg train traveling through a valley. Each egg carries a pair of bunny travelers.

Easter bunnies a vintage Easter postcard

Easter Bunnies

Three little Easter bunnies and a feisty yellow bird explore a rather large Easter egg in the copyright free Easter postcard.

Vintage Easter Basket Greeting Card

Easter Basket

Oh so pretty, a vintage Easter Basket drawing with large, pink and maroon flowers, four Easter eggs and a big pink bow. Edges trimmed in silver.

Easter Angel Vintage Clapsaddle Easter postcard

Easter Angel

How she appears to be floating in a purple sky, this lovely Easter angel vintage holiday greeting card by Ellen H. Clapsaddle.

Vintage Easter Card of two chicks in their Easter Finery

Easter Finery

Two yellow chicks in their Easter finery coming home from church. Both birds are wearing hats and he is carrying a pink egg with a blue ribbon.

Angel with Lambs

A sweet little angel with lambs wishes you Happy Easter. A sweet pastel-colored image full of sunshine, flowers and cuteness.

A Happy Easter

Have A Happy Easter with this lovely Ellen H. Clapsaddle with two cute children, yellow chicks and white bunnies, a yellow umbrella and a little green wagon.

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