Cat Illustrations

Maybe I’m just partial to felines but I have to admit that they enthrall me with their charm, attitude and expressive faces and tails. Artists throughout history have been capturing their likeness on everything from cave walls to shrink plastic. Here on Free Vintage Art, we herded a few public domain cat images for your creative projects.

I’m so excited to be offering you a growing collection of vintage illustrations and even a few photographs that are in the public domain in the United States. The focus of these images is cats. Lots of lots of illustrations of wondrous felines. Big ones, little ones, fluffy ones, naughty ones – you name it and sooner or later I’m going to find one. There aren’t as many American copyright free cat images here as there are on public domain cat images but hopefully, this site will begin to catch up before long.

There’s always been cats in our homes. They can be the most loving and sweet animals one minute and the most stubborn and ornery animal the next – they’re very much like people that way. Perhaps, that’s why we humans have been so fascinated by them.

If you don’t see something you can use here, hopefully, the next time you visit, there will be even more wonderful vintage cat illustrations to choose from

Black Cat

This black cat drawing actually depicts the namesake of an old literary magazine. The magazine is long gone but the wonderful series of cover images remain.

White Persian Cat

There’s nothing like saying Victorian-era artist like someone who can actually say Queen Victoria owned their work. This white Persian cat drawing is from a wonderful animal artist who had at least two paintings in Queen Victoria’s homes.

Party Animal

A true party animal, this public domain dressed kitty picture actually dates back to 1911. Who knew they did fun and silly things like we do way back then.

The Chase

Charming set of public domain silhouettes of a granny, armed with a rolling pin and spoon, chasing a fleeing little boy, dog and cat.

Dog and Cat Frame

Public domain dog and cat frame used at the end of a vintage children’s book from 1910. We’ve cleaned it up a bit and offered you two options for using it.

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