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Moth Life Cycle Drawing

Vintage moth life cycle drawing resized to fit a standard 4×6 postcard size. It is in the public domain and can be used freely for your own projects.

Honey Bee Leg

Highly detailed drawing of a honey bee leg, with and without pollen, as well as a nice little drawing of a honey bee. The image is in the public domain.

Insect Diagram

Vintage, public domain 2-color insect diagram of a variety of wasp including numbers, Roman numerals and letters to identify the different parts of this bug.

Wasp Drawing

This public domain wasp drawing is from a vintage insect textbook from 1899. It could be used as a coloring image or on a mixed images project.

Lady in Red

Wonderfully colorful vintage postcard of a lady in red with black hair walking in a formal garden with her black poodle who is wearing a rib ribbon too.

Kings of the Turf

Kings of the Turf is a vintage, public domain postcard that features two of the fastest animals on earth – greyhounds and horses and it’s free to download.

Lady with Collie Drawing

Vintage fashion drawing of a lady and her collie dog. It is unclear who the artist is but evidence suggests this postcard is in the public domain.

Hector the Dog

How much fun is this bit of vintage advertising art? It might look a little funny right now, but, that’s just because I’ve removed the background for you.

Vintage Butterfly Art

Vintage butterfly image from a 1911 dictionary – offered in the original black and white and a couple of different color variations.

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