Donkey Drawing

Can’t entirely verify the date on this one, so I’m going to assume Gutenberg has it right and this vintage horse drawing is in the public domain. A used bookseller had what was the same edition and they dated it circa 1905. So, I’m thinking we’re good here for pre-1923.

We know the illustrator of Horse Tales was Isabel Watkin but unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information about her other than other books she created illustrations for.

This pen and ink drawing of a sweet donkey standing alone in a field. With an open gate in the background, we can guess he might be quite happy with those who care for him. He’s standing next to a small shrub and there’s a big tree in the background. There’s enough detail to make the drawing interesting and plenty of whitespace to allow it to be easily used for a coloring page.

vintage pen and ink donkey drawing

We’re excited that the volunteer scanned this drawing at a nice resolution. It’s actually too big to fit within this page without disrupting the layout. Not to worry though, just click on the donkey drawing to access the full-sized image.

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