Vintage Dog Images

Dogs are such charming creatures. They love unconditionally and unlike cats don’t cop an attitude when they have a mind to. They have been part of our lives virtually since civilization began and will no doubt continue to enjoy their place in our lives for generations to come.

When it comes to vintage and public domain dog images, they are often among the most charming pieces that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. From serious portraits of champion canines to silly cartoons of them doing human-like things (otherwise known as anthropomorphic), it’s so much fun for me finding great new vintage dog images to share with you.

The group of images showcased here will include ones where dogs are the primary featured aspect of the work as well as the wonderful companion animals we all know them to be.

The group of dog images, here on Free Vintage Images, is still growing but my hope is to one day have enough to represent most of the popular dog breeds as well as a large variety of pieces that would satisfy the most prolific of scrapbooker, mixed media artist or crafter.

The Chase

Charming set of public domain silhouettes of a granny, armed with a rolling pin and spoon, chasing a fleeing little boy, dog and cat.

Dog and Cat Frame

Public domain dog and cat frame used at the end of a vintage children’s book from 1910. We’ve cleaned it up a bit and offered you two options for using it.

Lady in Red

Wonderfully colorful vintage postcard of a lady in red with black hair walking in a formal garden with her black poodle who is wearing a rib ribbon too.

Kings of the Turf

Kings of the Turf is a vintage, public domain postcard that features two of the fastest animals on earth – greyhounds and horses and it’s free to download.

Lady with Collie Drawing

Vintage fashion drawing of a lady and her collie dog. It is unclear who the artist is but evidence suggests this postcard is in the public domain.

Hector the Dog

How much fun is this bit of vintage advertising art? It might look a little funny right now, but, that’s just because I’ve removed the background for you.

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