Vintage Drawings of Children

Vintage drawings of children is perhaps one of the largest categories on Reusable Art. Over here on Free Vintage Art, this category is only at the beginning stages. So far we have a group of little boys enjoying jam, a sweet little romantic couple and even a coloring page.

I hope you won’t be disappointed by what’s here. I think they make a great start. But, if you can’t find the right image for your project, be sure to wander over to Reusable Art and check out the vintage images of children category.

children and horses

Children and Horses

Two young children visit a pair of horses in their stalls in this vintage children’s book illustration by Isabel Watkin. The little boy looks cute in his sailor suit and the girl looks charming in her beret. Watching over the children and horses is a seated black cat. Isabel drew the pen and ink illustrations […]

Little Girl with Beagle Puppies vintage illustration

Girl with Beagles

Charming vintage drawing of a little girl with beagles. She holds the puppies in her arms and has a worried look on her face in this full-color illustration.

Letter Writing

Vintage book illustration of a girl writing a letter. Letter writing may seem old fashioned but I still love receiving a personal letter in the mail.

Vintage Fall Image

A vintage fall image of a little boy with a pumpkin amongst corn stalks. Charming illustration by Bess Bruce Cleaveland (1876 – 1966).

Jack-o-Lantern and Baby

Vintage magazine cover from 1911 with a Jack-o-Lantern and baby. Charming illustration by Bess Bruce Cleaveland (1876 – 1966).

Girl & Flowers Coloring Page

Vintage, printable girl and flowers coloring page by the artist Fanny Young Cory and offered for printing and downloading by FreeVintageArt.com.

Valentine Sweethearts

Valentine’s Day is for lovers and sweethearts no matter how young and cute they are. Vintage holiday card with two sweet children to print and download.

Daisy Chains with Mom

A charming vintage postcard of a mother and daughter making chains with loose daisy flowers. Your’s to print, download and use in your own creative projects.

It’s Beech-Nut

What a delicious secret a group of young boys are sharing on this vintage trade card. The wonderful marmalade that they are all enjoying is Beech Nut.

The Season’s Greetings

Season’s Greetings is a vintage 1913 Christmas card featuring a charming little girl in a green coat with a matching umbrella delivering gifts in the snow.

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