Vintage Thanksgiving Images

Thanksgiving is one of those special days that bring back warm memories of family, good food and being thankful for having both. Many countries around the world have a day set aside to give thanks for a good harvest. In Canada, they celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October. In America, we celebrate on the fourth Thursday in November.

The collection of vintage Thanksgiving images that I have to share with you would most likely work for either country. A few of the cards might have a bit of red, white, and blue or other American holiday imagery as well. All should be in the public domain in the United States.

A little Pilgrim and his pet turket, Thanksgiving wishes.

Turkey & Little Pilgrim

I’m not familiar with the markings on this vintage Thanksgiving postcard but it has a feel of a Raphael Tuck & Sons. It’s definitely from the early 1900s, baed on the suggested stamp price; and likely in the public domain though I’m not promising it is. The Thanksgiving greeting features a young boy, dressed as […]

Vintage Thanksgiving Greetings postcard image with pink flowers and turkeys.

Thanksgiving Greetings

Bright and floral Thanksgiving Day, vintage postcard from Germany with four Turkeys.

Thanksgiving in America

Some patriotism for Thanksgiving with this vintage postcard. Thanksgiving in America is so much more than eating turkey, but, it’s a great place to start.

Proud Turkey Drawing

Vintage proud turkey drawing rescued from a Thanksgiving Day card postmarked 1912. Full color illustration of a Tom showing off his plummage.

Thanksgiving Day Proclamation

Vintage Thanksgiving Day postcard from the early 1900s. Large turkey wishing everyone Thanksgiving Greetings.

Vintage Fall Image

A vintage fall image of a little boy with a pumpkin amongst corn stalks. Charming illustration by Bess Bruce Cleaveland (1876 – 1966).

Clapsaddle Turkey

Another great Clapsaddle Turkey. Ellen H. Clapsaddle created this big, beautiful bird to send colorful Thanksgiving greetings to someone special.

Thanksgiving Day Greetings

Thanksgiving Day Greetings via a vintage postcard from the early 1900s. A lovely turkey and a heavily laden apple tree decorate the card.

Vintage Look Thanksgiving Placecards

Vintage look Thanksgiving Placecards to print form FreeVintageArt.com. They feature a turkey with a cut out head and tail and plenty of space to add names.

Thanksgiving Greetings

Vintage Thanksgiving Greetings postcard from 1910. Features a cute blonde-haired girl with a very large pie. Includes a short poem.

A Glad Thanksgiving

Vintage Thanksgiving card wishing A Glad Thanksgiving. It features blue and white china with a tea set, cups and a dinner place with a turkey.

Thanksgiving Plenty Drawing

Vintage holiday postcard and Thanksgiving plenty drawing. It features a beautiful drawing of a turkey with a wishbone tied with a bow by Helen Clapsaddle.

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