Thanksgiving Greetings

Like so many of the wonderful vintage postcard images, this one was originally printed in Germany. It appears to be one of a group of similarly decorated Thanksgiving Day cards – perhaps sold as a boxed set. I’ve seen another similar one also adorned with bright pink flowers marked with “Trademark 2278.” Unfortunately, the other card has not faired as well and would require editing beyond my limited skills. This card, suggests a 1 cent postage stamp so we can date it as being from the early 1900s.

There’s so much wonderful imagery in this card! Bright pink and white flowers, grains, and fruit decorate a lovely frame. In an oval ‘window’ we have 4 lovely turkeys strutting their stuff on a grassy plain. It looks like a trio of tom turkeys are protecting a single hen. The message is a simple “Thanksgiving Greetings.”

I was able to get a nice large scan of this vintage Thanksgiving Day card and therefore have only included a smaller version here. Simply click on what you see and you’ll be able to view and download the full-sized version.

Vintage Thanksgiving Greetings postcard image with pink flowers and turkeys.

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