Turkey & Little Pilgrim

I’m not familiar with the markings on this vintage Thanksgiving postcard but it has a feel of a Raphael Tuck & Sons. It’s definitely from the early 1900s, baed on the suggested stamp price; and likely in the public domain though I’m not promising it is.

The Thanksgiving greeting features a young boy, dressed as a little pilgrim. He leads a turkey, almost as large as he is, on a leash of pink flowers. The message on the card is: “Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving Greeting.” The boy and his turkey are framed with orange and yellow dried corn. And, everything is surrounded by a frame of gold.

I’ve done a bit of editing on the frame and removed a few printing smudges for you. I think it would look better without the frame or with a new one but I’ll leave that for you to decide.

This vintage Thanksgiving Greeting postcard featuring a little pilgrim and his pet turkey is huge so what you see below is a smaller version. Simply click on what you see to access the original.

A little Pilgrim and his pet turkey, Thanksgiving wishes.

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