Thanksgiving Greetings

Thanksgiving Greetings 1910Oh, what a little cutie wishing us Thanksgiving Greetings! Such a sweet little girl sharing her huge pie with us. She reminds me a bit of Shirley Temple with her round cheeks and curly blonde hair.

This vintage Thanksgiving Day card dates back to around 1910. Over 100 years old but the message it conveys is timeless.

Thanksgiving Greetings!

Thanksgiving Day is here again,

And come this year to crown

Oh pray receive my wholesome wishes,

For well prepared Thanksgiving Dishes.

Our little hostess is wearing a cute blue and white apron over her blue jumper and white blouse. She must have been hard at work baking the pie that is almost as big as she is – she’s rolled up her sleeves and must be serious about her baking. And, don’t you just love her matching socks?

She must be expecting quite a crowd to attend her dinner. I’ve heard some families bake 5 or 6 different pies for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. Some make that many because they have so large families. However, others do it to have everyone’s favorite on hand. Either way, thatsa lotta pie.

Here’s sending my own Thanksgiving Greetings from my family to yours.

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