Vintage Flower Images

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Pink Flowers on Yellow Background

Wonderful Oriental design with pink flowers, green leaves and designs on a bright yellow background. Pure Asian flair and drama with this vintage pattern.

Chinese Flower Print

Vintage Chinese flower print is perhaps more typical of India but this bold and bright image is dramatic and would be great in your creative projects.

Red Rose

Such a lovely red rose. A vintage photograph of a flower in full bloom. It smells all the sweeter because it is in the public domain in the US.

White Orchid Drawing

Public domain and vintage white orchid drawing from 1839. This hand-colored book plate shows the brassia maculata spider orchid. Free to download or print.

Amaryllis & Dierama Pulcherrima Flowers

Vintage bookplate with lovely red Amaryllis & Dierama Pulcherrima Flowers. Amaryllis always reminds me of Christmas and what better day to share them.

Poinsettia Flowers

This bright and colorful poinsettia image is from a vintage postcard by Raphael Tuck and Sons. It dates back to 1909 and is in the public domain in the United States.

Poinsettia Drawings

A pretty trio of vintage poinsettia drawings for you to use this Christmas in your creative projects. Just one of many free Christmas images from FreeVintageArt.com.

Clematis Flowers

Lovely water colored bookplate of a pair of clematis flowers. I have included the original book plate as well as each of the clematis flowers in isolation.

Rose Coloring Page

This rose coloring page represents the only drawing in the book but it offers a lot of options with plenty of leaves, a beautiful flower and even a rose hip.

Flower Designs

These Zentangle-like flower designs are over 350 years old. Clearly in the public domain, they would make a great addition to your next creative project.

Foxglove Flower Picture

Beautiful hand-colored, vintage foxglove flower picture from over 150 years ago. The bright pink, maroon and yellow flowers adorn a long stem with a close-up drawing of one of the plant’s leaves.

Clover Flowers

Three, pretty hand-watercolored pictured of clover flowers are the focus of today’s post. Included are examples of pink, white and yellow varieties of this herbaceous plant..

Need More Inspiration?

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