Clover Flowers

pink-yellow-cloverwhite-cloverYou might know it but there’s a number of different types of flowering clover plants. Today, I’ve got three of them to share with you. White clover, yellow clover and pink clover. There are actually over 300 plants within this species which are actually classified as herbs.

These are from a lovely vintage children’s book that was hand colored with watercolors. It dates back to 1858. They look as if they could have been drawn yesterday on a computer. Over 150 years have passed since they were printed and painted in the book Lessons From the Vegetable World.

The white and pink clover plants grow relatively low to the ground. The yellow clover plants grow more upright. All are somewhat vine-like.

I’ve presented all three on white backgrounds. That should make it quite easy to use them on the background of your choice.


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