Vintage Frames & Designs for Crafters

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Leaves and Flowers Vignette or Border

Public domain in the United States, this leaves and flowers vignette is from a 1909 magazine.

Oval Mat Frame

Vintage oval mat frame that was used in 1900 to surround the portrait of a famous American woman. Today it can frame your own favorite lady or artwork.

Vintage Oval Frame

Vintage oval frame with an outer rectangular frame that could be separated into two frame images. From a book about the heroines of the American Revolution.

Vintage Border Frame

It surrounded a famous woman in American history. This vintage border frame can celebrate your own treasured beauty or family photo.

Leaf and Floral Frame

Wonderfully vintage and copyright free leaf and floral frame image dates back to 1899 with room for some text and easily colorized to match your project.

Golden Flowers Frame

Vintage golden flowers frame with inner border that would be great to use as a picture mat, greeting card or scrapbook element.

Scroll Frame

This vintage scroll frame image is from 1920. It is quite decorative but with simple lines that do not include leaves and flowers. Public domain in USA.

Floral Card

Vintage floral card drawing with a notecard embedded in the design. Red and yellow tulips add a pop of color along with green leaves and hot pink flowers.

Book Plate Frame

Pretty black and white floral book plate frame from from FreeVintageArt.com and a book from 1920. Public domain in USA and free to download.

Love Bird Frame

A vintage advertising postcard turns into a wonderful love bird frame with a little help from FreeVintageArt.com. Free download to use on your own projects.

Black & White Frame

Large, vintage, black and white frame image for your scrapbooking and other creative projects. Use as it is or add some color to really bling it up.

Pink Flowers on Yellow Background

Wonderful Oriental design with pink flowers, green leaves and designs on a bright yellow background. Pure Asian flair and drama with this vintage pattern.

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