Vintage Oval Frame

oval-frame-sA lovely vintage oval frame that once surrounded the portrait of one of The Women of The American Revolution. The volumes were published in 1900. How very brave these women were to fight for our nation’s freedom at a time when most women were fully expected to do nothing more than run the family household. There were enough of these brave women that it took 2 full volumes to talk about their accomplishments.

You too might need two full volumes to discuss the beloved person you choose to surround with this vintage oval frame. Or perhaps it will be a bit of artwork that fills the oval center.

In a way, this vintage book illustration provides us with two frame designs for the price of one. It would be quite easy to remove the central oval frame. You could use the oval part alone or the rectangular outer frame. Add a bit of color here and there or change the original colors and you will be well on your way to creating your own tribute to whatever you place within the frame.

The inner frame features ribbons, bows and other flourishes. The outer frame features a flur-de-lis symbol.

If you like the general idea behind this frame image but it’s not quite what you were looking for, you might try another double oval frame from the same work. There was also a single rectangular frame used too.

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