Biplane Drawing

I’ve found it’s rare to find great vintage drawings in memoirs about military service. Most of the time they feature personal photographs, battlefield plans and other stuff. But, every now and again they also include a wonderful illustration. I found this one in a historical work, from around 1920, about the Sixty Squadron R.A.F., that details their heroic service. How cool is this wonderful diagram of a tractor biplane. The biplane drawing also includes the names of each of the parts of the plane.

tractor biplane diagram

The English Royal Airforce used several types of planes in France during the last two years of World War I. The tractor biplane was one of them. These planes required a minimum speed of only 40 miles per hour to remain airborne. Plane drawings are a little harder to find since they are only a 20th century invention. Unfortunately, a lot of the great plane drawings are still in copyright. Fortunately, this biplane drawing is in the public domain in the United States. It’s also so nice that I thought I would also share with you an unlabeled and cleaned up version.


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