Early Transportation Lithograph

transportation-card-3This vintage transportation image offers a peek at early forms of both automobiles and airplanes. It dates back to 1910. It was published by the Walker Lithograph & Publishing Co. of Boston.

The bi-plane is not specifically identified but it looks much like the creation of Orville and Wilbur Wright.

It was only seven years after the Wright Brothers had made their historic flight in North Carolina. Did you know that the crew of Apollo 11 took a bit of wood and fabric from the Wright Flyer to the Moon in 1969? How cool is that?

This lithograph appears to show at least two car-loads of curiosity seekers poised to watch the Wright Flyer fly past.

acme-motor-car-advertisementThe car in the foreground, assuming my quick research led me in the right direction, may have been manufactured by the Acme Motor Car Company. A picture from a 1906 advertisement looks quite similar to the lovely red vehicle shown in this lithograph. Their touring cars were only made for a few years but through wonderful vintage transportation images like these, we can still enjoy them.

Off in the distance is a second car but it’s so hard to see, there’s little chance of identifying it.

This lithograph may have been published to commemorate the Wright Brothers’ invention and I would suspect they drew more than a few spectators. Oddly enough, only two of the people appear to be following the bi-plane’s journey across the sky.

I love the colors on this image. From the bright red car chassis and wheels to the colorful sunset full of oranges and golds, this image just lights up the page.

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