The Crystal – A Vintage Wallpaper Pattern

The CrystalThe Crystal is a vintage wallpaper pattern that was at one time sold by Sears Roebuck & Company. They sold it for 7 cents per double roll. It was promoted as a pattern suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. At the time, it was marketed as something out of the ordinary.

While it doesn’t appear that this wallpaper sample actually includes a complete pattern, I find it interesting for another reason. The green, brick wallpaper pattern with black dots and a variety of green squiggles; could be used as we found it. But, I think it might be even more useful as a style idea.

Even with my limited drawing ability, it would seem like this pattern wouldn’t be too hard to duplicate with paint. I think it would be fun to make as a family project. Have you ever taken droplets of paint and blown them with a straw to create squiggle-like patterns? This brick wallpaper pattern reminds me more of that look than that of a crystal – the name of this pattern.

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