Newell Wallpaper Pattern

The Newell is another great repeating wallpaper from a Sears Roebuck & Company wallpaper catalog from 1900. This wallpaper pattern includes a floral spray of yellow flowers with green leaves. A bit of silver adds a faint hint of sparkle to the paper. This paper is one of their slightly more expensive patterns at 5 cents per double roll of 16 yards of wallpaper. The silver was created with silver mica paint.

The wallpaper designers and the decorators at Sears, recommended using The Newell in small bedrooms and halls.

Unfortunately, age has not been kind to this wallpaper book. The discoloration of the paper makes it difficult to rebuild the repeat of this wallpaper pattern. Perhaps someone with greater photo editing skills than myself can even out the colors and successfully paste together enough of the paper to create a true repeating pattern. Though for mixed media artists, the uneven colorations might just work in your favor.

No matter how you use it, this vintage wallpaper pattern is in the public domain.

The Newell

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