English Figure Wallpaper

When an author uses an example as the frontispiece, it leaves the reader wondering if it was their favorite. Old Time Wallpapers was the 1905 work of Kate Sanborn. Sanborn included this English figure wallpaper section in the front of her book but unfortunately only provided her own title for the pattern.

Sadly, there’s not a complete repeat here but there is so very much to work with. Done in primarily rust, green and powder blue, this English figure wallpaper image has a lot of different little sections that could be used independently. The primary picture shows a gentleman approaching a lady in the garden. In the background there’s a large estate home with a dramatic fountain in front. Another part of the wallpaper image has a stag and a pair of dogs chasing it through the trees. There’s a brown squirrel perched at the top of the trees and a lady enjoying flowers under a different strand of trees. Trees, flowers, animals and people are all over this English figure wallpaper image.

English figure wallpaper

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