Thanksgiving Day Card

Let us give thanks for the many wonderful holiday postcards that have been hidden away in drawers, scrapbooks, boxes and other places that kept them safe for decades. Let us give thanks for the many talented artists and designers who made them and for copyright laws that allow us to play with these vintage pieces of art and turn them into something new..

A Thanksgiving Wish is a vintage holiday postcard. It was made in the United States, perhaps in the 1930s. There is no indication who published the card other than the inventory or model number in the corner. Since this Thanksgiving Day card was published without any sort of copyright notice, under American law, it is now in the public domain.

It contains a poetic sentiment that is as appropriate today as it was all those years ago.

A Thanksgiving Wish

I wish you a day
of the best kind of pleasure,
With Home-love
and Friendship in
bountiful measure.

I’ve went ahead a did a bit of cosmetic work on the card for you. One of the corners of the card was bent and there were quite a few dirty smudges on it. Both flaws came up fairly visible in the scan. They’re gone now and this Thanksgiving Day card is all ready for printing. Or perhaps, you could take the lovely fall scene with the window looking out onto beautifully orange colored fall leaves and an overflowing cornucopia and add it to your own card.

Have fun and here’s wishing everyone has a safe and fun Thanksgiving this year.

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