Normandy Seaside

From a book full of beautiful post-card like illustrations of the Normandy region of France, I have this lovely piece to share with you today. It is by the artist Nico Jungman (1872-1935). It was simply labeled “A Seaside Resort” and no further specifics were provided.

Jungman makes it clear that this unnamed resort is in France, notice the two French flags flying in the sea breezes. With so few people on the beach, it may have been the off season or it was simply a less-frequented place. Either way, it would be the sort of place I would love to visit. Don’t get me wrong, I sometimes enjoy the excitement of boardwalks, restaurants and theme parks that can be found in so many coastal resorts. But, there’s something more relaxing about visiting the sea shore and enjoying a more natural and quiet place.

This Normandy seaside resort looks as if part of the promontory was carved out to create a place to build. A small village appears to sit on the top of the promontory. The colors remind me of those picture postcards from the 1950s and 1960s of vacation spots. I see them all the time in the thrift and antique stores.

Normandy seaside

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