Scenic Landscapes

Among the many landscape images I have posted on Free Vintage Art, this group of pictures are quite beautiful but do not represent a specific place. While there are separate categories for American landscape images and English landscape images, the ones shown here are no less interesting.

Thus far, there are only two scenic landscape images that I have shared – one is a shadowy winter landscape from a vintage Christmas card and the other is a painting by Claude Monet. I hope you like them as much as I do.

Normandy Seaside

A Normandy Seaside painting from 1905 by Nico Jungman (1872-1935). It reminds me of those holiday postcards from the 1950s and 1960s.

Winter Landscape Engraving

Vintage, round winter landscape engraving done by a master of the art of engraving and included in his guidebook on the subject. I love the serenity of it.

Night Scene in Winter

Untitled work of a night scene in winter by George McCord. I think it would make a wonderful Christmas card image with a Night Before Christmas message.

Feels Like Fall

This lovely fall landscape painting by Claude Monet is full of lush greens and golds. It just reminds me so much of fall and has a bit of a unique history.

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