Vintage Grasscloth Wallpaper

vintage grasscloth wallpaperBetween the wrinkles and the fading, I’m not sure this vintage grasscloth wallpaper image could be used as a repeating pattern. Since it was sold as a wallcovering, it must have had a repeat somewhere, but I’m just not spotting it.

Personally, I think the wrinkles and irregular coloring would make this a great background image for a lot of projects. The printable size of each color variation I have included is just over 4 by 6 inches, so it would be great for a background on an artist’s trading card or scrapbook project. With uneven horizontal strips and what look like little stitches the overall feel is one of teeny bricks, don’t you think?

I think grasscloth on a wall creates such a natural and earthy looking effect. We were lucky enough to pick up a few rolls in our travels (this stuff is crazy expensive) and partially paper our dining room in grasscloth. It somehow made the room classy and refined but with a nod to nature. I loved it. Hopefully, the people who live there now were able to keep it.

This vintage grasscloth wallpaper image seemed just waiting for someone to do a little modern magic and transform it to several different colors. I have to admit that I love how the color washes turned out and how pretty they look together. The dark blue color is the original pattern.


I love the original blue-green, almost dark turquoise color. So many of the other wallpaper patterns from this 1917 Star Peerless Wallpaper Company catalog are lighter colors. This one is bold and dramatic.


I also thought it would be fun to play around with color a bit – this wallpaper design just seemed ready for a new color wash. And here we have…dat, dat, duh, dah…hot pink. Ain’t it cool?


Pink and blue weren’t enough choices for me, so I thought, why not some green to go with them. I think this one matches the more modern lime colors that are so in fashion right now.


And last but not least, how about some vintage orange grasscloth wallpaper? I think it adds quite a compliment to the other three. I think if I were working on a project, I just might use all four patterns together. Of course, you could pull one of them into you own image editor to create your own set of complimentary colors.

What do you think? Like them? Any other colors you think would be cool or would be of use to you?

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