English Countryside Coloring Page

Even after reading the book where I found this great coloring image, I’m not quite sure what road in England it is. The author seemed a bit into waxing poetic and never actually said something like…this is a picture of ___. But, for our purposes, I think this drawing by Gordon Home (1878-1969) could represent just about any tree-lined country road anywhere.

Under American copyright law, this image is in the public domain because it was used in a book the was published prior to 1923. Not all of Home’s works are in the public domain but I think we got lucky with this one – it is a real gem.


This English Countryside coloring page has been re-sized to print on a four inch by six inch postcard size piece of paper. It shows a roadway that travels into the mountains and is lined by trees. Even though it was drawn in 1912, the image includes fully wired telephone poles. A fence lines one side of the roadway and there is some odd little structure on the left-hand side. Reminds me a bit of a tiny pagoda.

Our first coloring page, Trees to Color has a group of beautiful trees. This image has an entire landscape just waiting to be colorized and turned into your own. This one reminds me a bit of the back country roadways in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia. Winding roads, surrounded by trees, sometimes there will be a bit of fencing or guardrail and often the only sign of habitation is a mailbox at the end of a dirt road that leads only deeper into the woods.

I see this more as a coloring page for adults or older children. There is plenty of things to color but there aren’t larger areas to fill with a wash of color. It might even inspire someone to paint a watercolor painting or draw their own version. Whatever you decide to do with this vintage countryside coloring page, have fun.

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