Christmas Stationery

Start with a wonderful vintage Christmas card, fix the corners and age spots, and remove the original message and voila a sheet of free, vintage printable Christmas Stationery.

A frame of green ivy leaves provides a delicate border for the original image and your personal message. Tell friends and family how much they mean to you or pen a thank you note for their thoughtfulness.

A garland of ivy leaves and a large red poinsettia flower cradle a snowy winter scene at the top of the vintage Christmas image. The last light of day shimmers across a small creek and a snow-covered valley. Two tall trees stand quiet sentinel and evergreens in the background partially hide the setting sun.

This Christmas stationery was created from a vintage holiday card. The original card doesn’t include any artist or publisher information, but, we know it dates back to at least 1918, because of the postmark on the back.

printable vintage Christmas stationery

At the bottom of this free, vintage Christmas Stationery, I’ve added a small greeting of my own. I hope you consider sharing my site with others, but, my greeting can be easily removed. To view and download the largest version, simply click on the image shown above.

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