Valentine Token

Cupid is aided by a white dove in sending a white and golden bow as a Valentine Token. Vibrant roses in shades of pink accompany a heart-felt message presented on a background of open-work lace. With only slight re-touching, this 1910 (or earlier) card retains much of the same appeal it had when it was sent between Valentines. I love the contrast from the brown background. It gives a bit of relief from the red, white and pink and provides a wonderful background under the lace.

The message which appears on the face of the card is as follows:

This bow of white
Which gives delight,
And which I send you
A token be of Love divine
Oh, will’t thou be
My Valentine.

If you would like to download this Valentine Token and use it to send your own Valentine a special message or include it in a scrapbook or other creative work, simply click on the image shown below to access the largest version of this holiday image I have.

Valentine Token

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