Vintage Valentine with Bluebirds

girl-with-bluebirdsOf all the holiday images on Free Vintage Art, I think the vintage Valentine’s Day pieces are among the most charming. This one features such a sweet little gal to wish us all a Happy Valentine’s Day. In a pretty yellow dress with a white crinoline and shawl, the girl frolics in a garden amongst the flowers and a trio of bluebirds.

The girl is holding a birdcage decorated with flowers. It appears that the birds have been allowed out of the cage to stretch their wings but they don’t appear to want to go far from their mistress – one even sits upon her fingers.

A big red heart provides the background for the entire scene, the only part of the drawing that indicates that this is indeed a vintage Valentine’s Day card. Blooming white and pink hollyhocks stand taller than the girl and are the only recognizable flower on the card.

The card is labeled “SERIES 1664 A” and was made in the U.S.A. There is an entwined QS symbol near the top of the card which may be some sort of maker’s mark, but I have been unable (as of yet) to determine what company it represents.

The suggested postage of 1 cent dates this card to the late 19th or early 20th century. The one I am working with and other’s I’ve seen on the web are undated but based on the suggested postage, this is most likely published early enough to be in the public domain in the United States since it does not bear a copyright.

The Valentine’s Day Message imprinted on the face of the card is:

A Valentine Message
Bluebirds are
happy, and I’m happy too.
When sending a Valentine
greeting to you.

I have left the vintage Valentine card pretty much in its original state. I did remove a few specks of foxing but other than that, I will leave it to you to edit the card however you would like. As with most of the images on Free Vintage Art, I have resized it to print on a 4×6 inch card.

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