Snowy Landscape

The heavy snowfalls from earlier in the week no longer weigh down the tree branches in our back yard, much of the serene beauty of winter still remains. This snowy landscape drawing is quite simple in design, some pine and fir trees nestled on a rolling landscape, but it has a certain visual appeal about it to me.

It was used as a generic page space image in a 1912 book about the early days of California and the California gold rush.  Can you just imagine traveling across this great country into areas that had yet to be settled and the landscape remained unspoiled by industry and development? It must have been frightening, yet, breath-takingly beautiful.

Man’s influence is apparent in today’s little snow landscape drawing. I doubt that there were too many potted trees found by the early westward explorers.

I see this little drawing as being quite versatile as it could be used as it was found, with the potted trees isolated or the potted trees removed to keep just the rolling and snowy landscape. Regardless, have fun and do please drop me a line if you use this in a public work so that I can share your creative genius with everyone else.snowy-landscape

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