Winter Landscape Images

I don’t know what it is about a landscape with a layer of snow blanketing the ground but to me it is one of the most beautiful sights in nature. Granted, it isn’t such a pleasant thing if you have to travel in it and all sorts of unpleasant things can happen if you are not safe and warm. But, when you can simply gaze out the windows or go for a quiet walk, it is a true gift of nature worth enjoying.

These vintage drawings, paintings and photographs all celebrate that peaceful beauty that is the countryside covered with snow. Winter landscapes are among my favorites. I felt they deserved their own category here on Free Vintage Art. While many think of snow images and winter landscapes as being a part of the Christmas holiday, I think they should be enjoyed throughout the entire season of winter. And, if you don’t have “winter” where you live, you can perhaps enjoy snow vicariously through these vintage wintry images.

Winter Sleigh Ride

A tradecard from 1910 used to sell blankets could easily have been a charming Christmas card. Winter sleigh ride shows a couple traveling at sunset.

Snowy Landscape

A simple, but quite lovely little snowy landscape drawing from 1912. Features rolling hills, pine and fir trees along with two potted trees.

Snowy Scene, A Vintage Advertising Poster

Vintage snowy scene captured from a World War I era poster for the Red Cross. This landscape image features a small cabin nestled in the mountains almost buried under snow.

Winter Landscape Engraving

Vintage, round winter landscape engraving done by a master of the art of engraving and included in his guidebook on the subject. I love the serenity of it.

Night Scene in Winter

Untitled work of a night scene in winter by George McCord. I think it would make a wonderful Christmas card image with a Night Before Christmas message.

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