Pirate Jack-O-Lantern

jack-o-lanternHe may be a little late for Talk Like a Pirate Day, but this jack-o-lantern sure has style. With a loop earring and a crooked grin, this Halloween image is ready to rock.

I wish I had the original cardboard cut-out to scan rather than this catalog image but I’m sure that someone will make good use of this pirate jack-o-lantern. It was scanned from a 1920 catalog by Dennison Manufacturing. Dennison sold a huge variety of cardboard holiday decorations; my family had several. The catalog was more of a how to have a Halloween party guide with decorations and party favors made from the paper goods Dennison sold for fall and Halloween.

Avast me maties, I do hope one of ya’s can use this here vintage Halloween image. If not as it is now, maybe as a template to create your own, more modern piece.

As always have fun and do share with us what you’ve made.

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