Halloween Owl

halloween-owlOK, Halloween isn’t until tomorrow but I just could not wait to share this wonderful owl image with you. It is actually a cover image from a May 1920 magazine. I guess the idea is to show a bit of romance on a quiet lake lit by a full moon. But, the owl and its great big eyes just make me think of Halloween.

The magazine is the Canadian Home Journal. The magazine was published between 1905 and 1958 in Toronto and targeted women living in the Ontario province. Canadian copyright law differs from American copyright law. Several issues of this magazine have been posted online and I believe Canadian copyright law allowed for the copyright to extend for 75 years after publication.

I had to clean up the moon a bit because someone wrote a couple of words across it. Too bad they didn’t realize that over 90 years later people would still be interested in this particular magazine and the wonderful Halloween owl image that was on the cover.

The owl is shown in flight with eyes bright with fright. A young man and his girl float on calm waters under a moon that glows like a pearl. Black feathers spread wide, the owl takes flight and flies off into the moon – lit night.

OK, so I’m no Hemingway or Poe but hopefully you’ll have a safe and happy day tomorrow and perhaps find a great way to use my Halloween owl friend.

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