Pink Christmas

It’s a pink Christmas on this circa 1908 Columbia Novelty Company Christmas postcard.

Start with a plain white postcard. Emboss a charming drawing of Santa Claus flying above a small village and you’ll have this very unusual vintage Christmas illustration. Gold trim adds contrast to Santa’s hat and coat. It decorates the side of his sleigh and the runners. A pair of reindeer are wearing golden harnesses and have impressive golden antlers. Before the gold accents were added, shades of pink were washed across the whole image. Santa is in a bit of a white glow, making him the star of the show. He is carrying a holly sprig. Toys ride beside him in the sleigh. And, he has not one, but two American flags flying with him.

Overall, a subtle sort of illustration, except for the bright pink on the side of one of the reindeer.

pink Christmas

A much larger version of Pink Christmas is available by simply clicking on the image shown above.

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