Dolly Cloak

Maybe it’s just me but clothing from the 1800s just seems so much more interesting than what we have to wear today. So many ruffles and pleats; and all of them sewn by hand. Even the clothing for baby dolls, like this dolly cloak, is quite lovely and elaborate.

This vintage illustration is from an 1895 pattern offering by Butterick. It was part of an advertisement published in the fashion catalog. Such tiny little holes for the dolly’s wrist compared to the puffy sleeves and length of the cloak. The pattern was sold for 15 cents and included instructions for a cap and slippers too. It must have been primarily sold to the more well-to do. 15 cents for the pattern and 2 5/8 yards of fabric and just over half a yard of ribbon was most likely more than most families could spend on a doll.

vintage dolly cloak drawing

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