The Graduate

the graduate drawingBeing August, I guess I should be posting things related to going back to school rather than finishing school. But, much of what I find to share with you is by chance. After all, it’s not like I can go to the flea market and order up a 100 year-old graduate drawing with a student wearing full regalia and carrying a book. So, rather than wait until next spring to share ‘the graduate’ with you, I thought I might give anyone beginning their last year of school something to look forward to.

This is from a book published in New York in 1902. The author and publishers did not identify who drew the cover illustration for this book about college life.

You might want to play with the colors some as there’s not too many schools that wear red gowns. And, while I know a lot of graduates are nervous on graduation day, I doubt too many are quite so red in the face.

Hopefully, you’ll find a way to use this vintage illustration to honor the graduate in your life.

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