Cloisonné Drawing

There are some art forms that are immediately recognizable even when done in different mediums. I suspect that’s particularly true with Cloisonné. In 1867, the South Kensington Museum compiled a wonderful book showcasing many of their fine pieces of Asian art. I found this Cloisonné drawing and numerous other pieces in Examples of Chinese Ornament.

They did most of the reproductions in two colors, but some, like this one, appear in full color. It is just such a bright and happy piece. Blue, red, yellow and white flowers; in two styles, appear on pale green and navy backgrounds.The golden wire, generally used in Cloisonné to separate the colors, is also used to create gently curving vines. Green leaves, in a variety of shapes and sizes grow along the vines.

I’ve shared here a smaller version of this colorful Cloisonné drawing. If you would like to view the full-sized version, just click on the image below. The full-sized version would work great for scrapbooking projects. I’ve also separated the two strips of flowers on the sides to create a chinese frame image that you could also use.

vintage Cloisonné drawing from an original piece of Asian art

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