Chinese Floral Pattern

Today, I’m sharing with you another great example of Chinese ornament from an 1867 book. This repeating Chinese floral pattern appeared on a vase. How lucky are all of us? The creators of the book have reproduced it in a 2-dimensional form that we can use.

I’m also excited at the quality of the scan. It’s huge so you could easily print it across an entire sheet of paper. And, the design had crisp enough edges that I was able to create a coloring page for you.

Below, you’ll find a small version of this Chinese floral pattern in the colors it was originally presented. It’s dark beige and a pretty dark greenish turquoise or teal. I’ve also shared a small version of this vintage piece in simple black and white – just ready for you to add your own colors.

To download the original, larger images of this Chinese floral pattern, just click on the ones below to see the full-sized image.

original Chinese floral pattern in teal and beige coloring page of a Chinese floral pattern

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