Girl With Holly

In the late 1800s if you wanted to send someone Christmas greetings, it was very likely that the card you would send would be a lithograph by L. Prang & Co or one printed by only a handful of other publishing firms. Unfortunately, with so many of these cards, the artist has been long forgotten.

The good news is that our generation can enjoy these wonderful Christmas illustrations and use them to create our own Christmas cards, scrapbook pages and decorations.

This illustration is of a cute little girl carrying a coat-full of holly branches. Using her gray coat as a basket, this little cutie is probably helping her Mom get the house ready for Christmas. Her red cap, dress and tights add a bright spot of color that matches the bright red holly berries. Off in the distance we see a homestead with smoke rising from the chimney. Her home, perhaps, but it definitely looks warm and welcoming. Overall, a charming vintage Christmas postcard with an illustration of a girl with holly. Wouldn’t it make a great Christmas card?


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