Fancy Letter J Images

Just think, this growing group of vintage fancy letter J images are from books and magazines that were printed around 100 years ago. How many people have seen and touched them? Do you think the original publishers, authors and artists would have ever thought that their work would be celebrated and shared all of these years later?

The fact that all of these letter images were published before 1923 means that they are all in the public domain in the United States. You can use them in your own creative works to add just a touch of vintage goodness. This section of FreeVintageArt.com is a bit new, so unfortunately, the selection of fancy letter J images is somewhat limited. While there’s only around 10 more there, be sure to check out my other site ReusableArt.com if you don’t see what you like here.

Public Domain Fancy Letter J Images


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The Strand Magazine Volume xxvii. February 1904

The Strand Magazine Volume xxvii.
February 1904

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